Megaera investigates publicly facing video sharing sites for illegal uploads and pirated content.

What do we mean by “publicly facing”? They’re the ones where content can be seen and downloaded without subscription to the site (Although many have a subscription option to view ad-free or gain access to higher resolution video).

Examples of publicly facing sites are YouTube and PornHub.

Tracking down pirated video content is a time consuming, manual process and with many sharing sites having content reaching into the millions of videos, it is also a daunting one. That’s where Megaera can help.

If you’ve discovered that your products have been pirated, then knowing the scale of that piracy is your starting point for tackling the issue.

Our service provides the information you need to make an informed decision on how proceed and lets you asses what impact the piracy may be having on your business.


Megaera DOES NOT investigate private/hidden sites that have no public presence.

These sites invariably contain illegal content, not pirated content, and even viewing them would leave us open to prosecution.