Search Service

We charge a £160 minimum search fee. The rest of the cost is results based. The minimum search fee is deducted from the final bill if search results are found.

One search is defined as one “Brand” or “single criterion” search on a specified web site.

Costs are charged per discovered unique instance of an upload and the number of results found.

Costs are currently set at:

No of uploadsPrice per result
1-100 15 GBP
101 – 250 10 GBP
251 – 500 5 GBP
501+ 2.50 GBP

Information provided*

  • Original Production Title
  • Uploader
  • Date Uploaded
  • Number of views
  • Site video title
  • Site video description
  • Video resolution
  • Duration
  • Site identifier (usually a unique number given to an upload)
  • Video URL (link)

*Please note that not all the information options listed are available on all sites and that it may not be possible to identify the Original Production Title.